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Due to potential conflicts in the .htaccess file, WordPress should never share a document root with another WordPress instance.

If you experience difficulties with WordPress, check the following requirements:


  • Each cPanel account user can have only one installation of WordPress in the document root directory.
    • Examples:
      • /home/example/public_html/
      • /home/example/public_html/
      • /home/example/public_html/subdomain


  • Only one domain or subdomain can have a WordPress install on any /home/example/public_html directory.


  • Additional installations of WordPress can be located in subdirectories under the domain's home/example/public_htmldirectory, provided that they are not a document root.
    • Examples:
      • Under the document root for the main domain: /home/example/public_html/wordpress
      • Under a subdomain: /home/example/public_html/subdomain/wordpress
      • Under an addon domain: /home/example/public_html/

For more information, visit the WordPress website.

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